Churna Powder

Necharsudha Powder (tridosh Modulator)

Approx Price: Rs 999.00 / Pack 
Indications / Uses of Necharsudha Powder
  • Powerful antioxidant and Anti aging
  • Improve Digestion and cure all the ailments of GIT
  • Permanently cure constipation, acidity, Gastric Ulcers and problems of GERD
  • Helps in curing Diabetes
  • Helps in curing Arthritic and other joint pain
  • Improve eye vision
  • Powerful blood purifier
  • Cure all the ailments of Skin
  • Boost up immunity and prevent all kind of Infections
  • Improve Brain power, can be used as Brain tonic
  • Helps in relieving chronic diseases of Liver and Kidney even cancers
  • Also improve all ailments of Cardiovascular System
  • Basically it is a Vatta, Pitta, Kafa Modulator
  • Adult: 1 pouch in the night with a glass of plain water.

Madhusudha Pow Ayurvedic Remedy For Controlling Bood Sugar

Approx Price: Rs 220.00 / Pack 
Indications / Uses of Madhusudha Ayurvedic (Herbal) Powder
  • Helps in Controlling Blood Sugar in Patients of NIDDM
  • Prevent insulin resistance in IDDM
  • Helps in relieving clinical manifestations of DM
  • Cure Diabetic foot and venous ulcers
  • Prevent Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Cure Loss of libido due to Diabetes
  • Prevent micro-vascular injury, Retinal damage, Blindness and silent MI
  • 1 pouch twice a day, before morning breakfast and before night meal with a glass of water.

Nitysudha Powder (say Goodbye To Constipation)

Approx Price: Rs 190.00 / Pack 
Indications / Uses of Nitysudha Ayurvedic (Herbal) Powder
  • Relieve chronic Constipation
  • Relieve Acidity and gas formation
  • Improve Indigestion and abdominal distention
  • On long term use completely reverse External and Internal Hemorrhoids and Fissure
  • Helpful in muscular pain, lethargy and migraine
  • Additionally beneficial in patients of Hernia and Heart Disease
  • Adult: 1 pouch in the night with a glass of water
  • Not indicated in Children below 12 years

Arjuna Churna

Our range of Arjuna Churna effectively restores normal cardiac functions. This Arjuna Churna is primarily useful as an adjuvant in Dyslipidemia, Hypertension, Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes mellitus.


These products are made using various ingredients that crushed precisely with the use of high grade machines. Our products are reckoned for its hygienic and fresh value.



  • Made using herbal products
  • Quality tested
  • Safe to consume
  • Pack Size: 100 gm

Amalaki Churna

We offer an effective range of Amalaki Churna which is useful antioxidant, digestive and anti-aging herb. Moreover, our range significantly improves digestion, metabolism and overall well-being. The product we offer is efficiently maintains and promotes GIT (Gastrointestinal Tract), Skin, Eye and Hair Health. Amalaki Churna we offer is available in the market at industry leading prices.



  • Can be consumed without side effects
  • Aromatic
  • Affordable
  • Pack size: 100 gm

Avipattikar Churna

Being a client-centric firm, we manufacture, supply, import and export a wide range of Avipattikar Churna. It is reckoned for therapeutic preparation stimulates digestion and metabolism and alleviates hyperacidity. Avipattikar Churna is widely useful in PU (Peptic Ulcer) and allied Dyspepsia.


It also mitigates GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) & related Heartburn, and endows significant relief in acute and chronic Constipation also.




  • Pack Size: 100 gm
  • Affordable Prices
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Accurate Composition

Hingwashtak Churna

Our range of Hingwashtak Churna is highly efficient therapeutic for flatulence, indigestion and discomfort and allied abdominal ache. The product we offer is widely used in improving appetite and digestion.

This range is acclaimed by the clients for its medicinal properties. Moreover, we provide assurance to our clients that a quality approved range is delivered from our end.


  • Easy to use
  • Safely consumed
  • Available in various packaging
  • Pack Size: 100 gm

Ashwagandha Churna

In order to keep pace with the requirements of the clients we manufacture, supply, import, trade and export a wide range of Ashwagandha Churna. Our product is a potent adaptogen, which reduces anxiety, combat stress, fatigue and exhaustion.


The energizing power of this rejuvenative antioxidant effectively improves strength, vigour and vitality. The product we offer is highly useful in general weakness, decreased stamina and convalescence and promotes fertility in for both men and women.



  • Finely crushed
  • Available in durable packaging
  • Safe to consume
  • Pack size: 100 gm

Ashwagandhadi Churna

Being the leading names in the industry, we manufacture, import, trade, supply and export a quality approved range of Aswagandhadi Churna. It is nourishing and rejuvenating tonic, which is extremely useful in fatigue, exhaustion, general weakness, stress and impaired immunity.


Ashwagandhadi Churna significantly increases immunity, strength and vitality; promoting fertility in both men and women. Moreover, our range is available at industry leading prices.



  • Aromatic
  • Hygienic
  • Fresh

Chirayata Churna

Our customers can avail from us a wide range of Chirayata Churna, this product is also known as Febrifuge. Our range is an effective Cholagogue and Hepatostimulant.

It significantly improves digestion, appetite and stimulates metabolism. It's bitter active principles make it an effective adjuvant in Type 2 Diabetes mellitus. Moreover, our range can be availed from the market at industry leading prices.


  • Can be consumed safely
  • Made using quality herbs
  • Reasonable price
  • Pack Size: 100 gm

Bael Soonth Churna

Bael Soonth Churna we offer is highly effective Bowel regulator and Stomachic therapeutic preparation that is widely useful in Diarrhea and Dysentery. These products are manufactured by the skilled professionals who hold expertise in the domain. Moreover, the dosage should be taken as per the prescription of the doctor. It is highly beneficial for health related problems.



  • Made using quality herbs
  • Easy to use
  • Safe to consume
  • Pack Size: 100 gm

Haritaki Churna

We bring forth Haritaki Churna which is a mild laxative. This range is highly useful for in acute and chronic constipation and allied Flatulence and Dyspepsia. Our range is reckoned amongst the clients for providing quick relief. Besides, one can get a quality tested range from us that can be availed from us in safe and durable packaging. These products can be availed at industry leading prices.



  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Helpful in digestive disorders
  • Dosage should be taken as per prescribed by doctor
  • Pack Size: 100 gm

Zymolax Powder (Churna)

Aerand Bhrast Haritaki 20%
A.B.Cassia Angustifolia PAN 10%
A.B.Opereculum Terpethum Panchang           10%
A.B.Apium Leptophyllum Beej 10%
A.B.Sindhav 10%
A.B.Sanchal 10%
A.B.Embelia Ribes Beej 10%
A.B.Zinghider Offitinal Rhizome 10%
A.B.Excipients Q.S.
Dosage:1 to 2 Teaspoon as per requirement at bed time with water.
Storage:Keep in cool & dark place in a tightly closed container.
Useful In:Chronic Constipation, Headache, Hyperacidity Etc.Can be taken without harm.
Expiry Date:3 Years from the date of manufacturing.
CONTENT: 200 Grams Per Pack

Madhuneel Amrit Churna for Diabetes

Madhuneel amrit churna (for diabetes)
an ayurvedic proprietary medicine
picrorhiza kurroa                 mool 10% mg
A. B. Andrographis paniculata         panchang         10% mg
A. B. Holarrhena antidysenterica         mool 05% mg
A. B. Tinospora cordifolia         stem         10% mg
A. B. Azardirchta indica                 pan         15% mg
A. B. Gymnema sylvestre                 pan         10% mg
A. B. Momordica charantia         fruit 10% mg
A. B. Eugenia jambos                         beej         10% mg
A. B. Alstonia scholaris                 bark         05% mg
A. B. Mamejava (enicostemma littorale blume) panchang         10% mg
A. B. Centratherum anthelminticum beej         05% mg
. B. Excipients: q. S.
Ref: a. B. Arya bhisak
Dose: one teaspoonfull (5 gm. ) twice a day before breakfast & at bed time with water oras directed by the physician.
instructions:keep in a cool place protected from moisture
content: 200 grams net. Wt.
pack type: hdpe plastic container

Zymolax Powder

Approx Price: Rs 250.00 / Piece 
We offer Zymolax Powder which is 100% Natural Laxative Ayurvedic Formula. Zymolax doesnot contain any chemical preservatives, color or sweetening agent. It is 100% natural & it is free from soya, yeast or Gluten.


  • Constipation
  • Hardening of Stools
  • Difficulty in passing the stools
  • Indigestion
  • Gases
  • Abdominal Pain and tendency for constipation
  • It promotes appetite and Digestion
  • Common discomforts like bloating
  • Helps in elimination of toxins by our intestines and colon
  • No Side Effects
  • Pack Size: 200 Gram
  • MRP : Rs. 200/- Per Pack 
  • Smoothest & Most Satisfying Laxative

Brensudha Powder ( Memory Booster) 500 Grams

Approx Price: Rs 999.00 / Pack 
Indications / Uses of Brensudha Ayurvedic (Herbal) Powder
  • Improve Brain Growth
  • Enhances Memory
  • Improve Concentration
  • Improve grasping power
  • Increases I.Q.
  • Improve Natural Sleep
  • Also increases brain retaining and recalling capability
  • Cure anxiety, depression and dementia
  • Used for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
  • Reduces Stress
  • Improve Learning capabilities
  • Anti-oxidant and Immunity Booster
  • Neuro-protective and Brain Tonic
  • Cardio-protective and Anti-hypertensive
  • Excellent replacement for Tea, Coffee, and other soft drinks with superb taste
  • Adult: 2 TSF twice a day alone or with cold milk or with cold water.
  • Children: (above 2 Years) : 1 TSF twice a day alone or with cold milk or with cold water. (TSF=Tea spoon full)

Content: 500 Grams

Proteinsudha Powder - General (as Protein Supplement)

Proteinsudha Powder- D.H

Proteinsudha Powder- F (For Females)

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